Tuesday, October 30, 2012


The TaskIt app is a great To-Do list. It allows you to track your pending work items. Key features include adding, deleting tasks and retaining state when you re-open Word.


  1. Add a new task:
    Type the desired description of the task and press 'Enter' key

  2. Delete a task:
    Hover on the desired task, click on ‘X’ button that appears next to the task

  3. Mark a task as complete:
    Checking on the desired task will mark it as completed. Completed tasks will not appear on next load of the App

  4. Unmark the completed task:
    Unchecking desired task will retain them in the list

  1. Tasks will be retained even after closing the App/ Word
  2. Same task cannot be added twice. Tasks are case sensitive
  3. Completed task will not appear on next load
  4. Task description cannot be edited

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