Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Save Custom Formula

Save Custom Formula allows users to save their custom formulae and retrieve them at a later date.


 The Save Custom Formula app offers the following functionalities to the user:
Save Formula:

1.     Click on the drop down icon to the left of “Save Formula”
2.     To save his formula, the user is required to enter it in the text box provided.
3.     The user can also enter a description for the formula.
4.     Once the formula (and description) has been entered, click the “Save Formula” button.
5.     This will check whether the given formula already exists. If yes, it will display appropriate message to the user.

 6.     It will validate whether data has been entered in to the text box or not.

Show Saved Formulae:
1.     Click on the drop down icon to the left of “Show Saved Formulae”
2.     The list of saved formulae is displayed in the same order as which it was stored.
3.     Using the mouse pointer, hover over any of the formulae.

4.   A tooltip shows the description for the formula.
5.   Select the cell in the Excel spreadsheet in which you wish to apply this formula. Click on the Formula link provided. The result obtained on applying the formula will be displayed in the selected cell.
6.   In case of an invalid formula, an error message is displayed in the highlighted cell as follows:
7.   In the above case, please verify the formula and the cell references within the formula. If either of these are incorrect, then the above message is displayed in the currently highlighted cell.
8.   Delete: A cross icon appears to the right of the formula. Click on this to delete the formula from your list of stored formulae

 Delete All:
1.     Clicking on this button will ask the user to confirm if he wants to delete all his stored formulae or not.
 2.     If “Yes”, then all the formulae are deleted and user sees the message:
      "All your formulae have been deleted successfully".

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