Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Unit Converter

Unit Converter converts wide range of units for common measurements.


  1. It allows the following conversions
    1. Length
                                          i.    Inches (in)
                                         ii.    Feet (ft)
                                        iii.    Yards (yd)
                                        iv.    Miles (mi)
                                         v.    Centimeters (cm)
                                        vi.    Millimeters (mm)
                                       vii.    Meters (m)
                                      viii.    Kilometers (km)
    1. Temperature
                                          i.    Kelvin (k)
                                         ii.    Celsius (°)
                                        iii.    Fahrenheit (f)
    1. Speed
                                          i.    Kmph
                                         ii.    Mph
    1. Time
                                          i.    Milliseconds (ms)
                                         ii.    Seconds (sec)
                                        iii.    Minutes (min)
                                        iv.    Hours (hr)
                                         v.    Days (day)
    1. Volume
                                          i.    Ounces(US) (oz(us))
                                         ii.    Ounces(UK) (oz(uk))
                                        iii.    Cups (cup)
                                        iv.    Pints(UK) (pt)
                                         v.    Quarts (quart)
                                        vi.    Gallons(US) (g(uk))
                                       vii.    Gallons(UK) (g(us))
                                      viii.    Litre (l)
    1. Angle
                                          i.    Degrees (°)
                                         ii.    Radians (rad)
    1. Weight
                                          i.    Ounces (oz)
                                         ii.    Pounds (lb)
                                        iii.    Tons(US) (t(us))
                                        iv.    Tons(UK) (t(uk))
                                         v.    m tons (mt)
                                        vi.    Grams (gm)
                                       vii.    Kilograms (kg)
    1. Area
                                          i.    Square inch (in2)
                                         ii.    Square feet (ft2)
                                        iii.    Square yard (yd2)
                                        iv.    Acre (acre)
                                         v.    Square miles (mi2)
                                        vi.    Square millimeter (mm2)
                                       vii.    Square centimeter (cm2)
                                      viii.    Square meter (m2)

  2.     The app shows primary conversion in the big tile and all the other conversions in smaller tiles below it

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